Excited to be back at COTTON CLUB on August 28th! See you soon Japan!

小川慶太、Moto Fukushima含む気鋭メンバーと登場!
第63回グラミー賞で2部門にノミネートされたレミー・ル・ブーフのアルバム『Assembly of Shadows』に参加。世界的な評価を受ける才人ピアニスト/コンポーザーの加藤真亜沙が1年ぶりにコットンクラブに登場する。2009年に渡米し、ジュリアード音楽院に奨学生として入学後、ケニー・バロンに師事。NYを拠点に演奏活動を展開し、ニューヨーク“Dizzy's Club”公演をソールドアウトし、Tel Aviv Jazz Festivalではヘッドライナーとして出演するなど国際的な活躍を続けている。『Tales from The Trees / アンモーンの樹』、『Solúna』などアンサンブル形式による作品、ピアノトリオによる『Moonlit - Live at Alfie』、ソロピアノによるシングルなど多彩なリリースを続けている。今回の公演には日本で活躍するトップ・ミュージシャンと共に、小川慶太とMoto Fukushimaという最強リズムセクションがNYより参加が決定!『Solúna』の楽曲を中心に新曲の披露も噂される、ピアニスト加藤真亜沙のステージは見逃せない。


2024 8.28 wed.
[] open 5:00pm / start 6:00pm
[] open 7:45pm / start 8:30pm


加藤真亜沙 (p,vo)
広瀬未来 (tp,flh)
西口明宏 (ts)
土井徳浩 (fl,cl,ss,bcl)
駒野逸美 (tb)
Moto Fukushima (b)
小川慶太 (ds,per)

New live album "Moonlit" is out! 

New live album with my trio “Moonlit” is now available on all platforms today! 🌒🌓🌔 Please check it out!

Listen here

Marthaトリオのライブアルバム「Moonlit - Live at Alfie」本日発売!!!🎊🎊今年1月に行ったトリオのライブレコーディング、迫力と臨場感が溢れ出るアルバムできました!ぜひ皆様聴いてください!!🎧

✍🏻Trio shows in Japan

🔸12/21(木)南青山 BAROOM
🔹1/5(金)名古屋 Jazz Inn Lovely
🔸1/12(金)六本木 Alfie


Artwork design / photography by Mikio Hasui

Live at Alfie

Martha Kato - piano, vocals
Kunpei Nakabayashi - upright bass, electric bass
Kazu Odagiri - drums
Guest: Kan - percussion

New Music Video for Kinmok-Sailor 

New music video for Kinmok-Sailor is out! Please check it out.



Director: txxth 

Director of Photography: Keisuke Tsujimoto 

Special thanks to Yuji Otawa (L'ESPACE VISION) 


Written by Martha Kato Martha Kato - piano, vocals 

Sarah Elizabeth Charles - vocals 

Moto Fukushima - bass 

Keita Ogawa - drums 

Recorded by Ryan Streber at Oktaven Audio 

Mixed & mastered by David Darlington at Bass Hit Recording 


Sóluna album:

Azabudai Hills 


I wrote music for this movie for Azabudai Hills which opens this fall in Tokyo. I’m honored to have been part of this project.


Creative Director Kaoru Sugano 

Creative Director / Copywriter Muneyuki Fujimoto 

Creative Director / Planner Sotaro Yasumochi 

Director Koichiro Tsujikawa  Shota Tanaka 

Narration Azumi (Wyolica) 

Music Martha Kato

Martha Kato - composition, arrangement, piano, vocals, Rhodes piano, shells, rainsticks

Keita Ogawa - percussion
Yasushi Nakamura - upright bass
Jonathan Powell - trumpet, flugelhorn
Lucas Pino - tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, clarinet
Remy Le Boeuf - flute, alto saxophone

Henry Wang - 1st violin
Mari Lee - 2nd violin
Cong Wu - viola
Sam DeCaprio - cello

Dave Darlington - engineering at Bass Hit Recording
Todd Carder - engineering at The Bunker Studio
Charles Mueller - engineering at Oktaven Audio
Akihiro Nishimura - mixing

New album "Solúna" is OUT worldwide! 

My 2nd album Solúna is out worldwide! Please check it out! Big Thank you to all my people who took part in making this album 🙏🏻


Listen here.

Release show in NYC ✍🏻
7/24 at Dizzy’s Club

A little bit about the story 📖

Solúna is the sun and moon 🌞🌓

Four years ago when I toured in California, the sun, forest, ocean, and stars inspired me, and that summer I finished writing new three pieces that have become the core songs of this album. I named one of them Sól, which means the sun, or a goddess that personifies the sun.

This came to a full circle last summer when I took a trip to Anza Borrego, in San Diego, to have a photo shoot for the album.

I had never seen that many stars, a clear milky way, and so many shooting stars over the night. I had never been anywhere that was as quiet as this desert. You can feel the sun from all directions, and it was so powerful and peaceful.

The music brought me to this trip and I named this album Solúna.

I hope this album reaches out to a lot of people all over the world and gives you a little something. And I’m excited about where this music can take me next.

Lastly, I would like to thank all the people who made this album great. Thank you all.

Keita Ogawa
Moto Fukushima
John Ellis
Michael Rodriguez
Ryan Keberle
Itai Kriss
Remy Le Boeuf
Sarah Elizabeth Charles
Takafumi Nikaido

Dave Darlington
Ryan Streber
Todd Carder

photo: Hiroyuki Seo
design: Ken Muroi

Robert Sadin

New Single "Sol" 

The second single “Sól” from my upcoming album Solúna is out now! You can listen to it here. Please check out the new video as well. I hope you enjoy it!

The album is coming out worldwide on June 2nd. Stay tuned for more news!


Listen here

Watch here


New Single / Music Video - Ishonsho Abe 

New single “Ishonsho Abe” is now out in Japan!!! Music video is on my YouTube channel as well! Check it out!

アルバム収録曲の中から「Ishonsho Abe」先行配信開始しました!!!YouTubeチャンネルにてMVも公開!渾身の一作が完成したのでぜひ見てください!

Listen here

Watch MV

Written by Martha Kato

Words/chants: Yoruba traditional

Martha Kato - piano, vocals 
Moto Fukushima - bass 
Keita Ogawa - drums, percussion 

Michael Rodriguez - trumpet 
John Ellis - tenor saxophone 
Ryan Keberle - trombone 
Itai Kriss - flute 

Sarah Elizabeth Charles - vocals 
Takafumi Nikaido - shekere, congas 

Recorded by Ryan Streber at Oktaven Audio 
Assistant engineer Edwin Huet 
Recorded by Todd Carder at The Bunker Studio 
Recorded by David Darlington at Bass Hit Recording 

Mixed & mastered by David Darlington at Bass Hit Recording



Happy to announce that I will be back at Cotton Club on September 12th with my 8 piece band! It's going to be my album release show for Japan. I'm working on the US/world release but I will keep you posted..! See you soon Japan!


2022 9.12 mon. 
open 6:00pm / start 7:00pm 

加藤真亜沙 (p,vo) 
広瀬未来 (tp,flh) 
西口明宏 (ts) 
土井徳浩 (fl,cl,ss,bcl) 
和田充弘 (tb) 
中林薫平 (b) 
小田桐和寛 (ds) 
Kan (per)

Hōkago at Rockwood Music Hall! 

I'm excited that Hōkago will be back at Rockwood Music Hall on Wednesday, March 30! 1 show at 7pm, Stage 3. Get your tickets here. We hope to see you there!


Takuya Kuroda - trumpet  

Martha Kato - keys/vocals  

Moto Fukushima - bass  

Keita Ogawa - drums

New Single Out! 

Happy New Year! My new single “Departure (Solo Piano ver.)" has been released! You can listen to it on your favorite streaming services. Please check it out! Wishing everybody a wonderful year.


Also After The Rain (Solo Piano ver.) is available! After The Rainも合わせてどうぞ!


Martha Kato – piano, vocals & synth 

Recorded at Timpson Studio, March 2021 

Recorded by Martha Kato 

Mixed & mastered by Akihiro Nishimura 

Artwork drawing by Motoji Kato 

Artwork design by Taiji Kuroda


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